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The most important thing about vertical farming

is that it provides an instant market: 



Vertical farming is ideal for densely packed cities such as Singapore, which only produces 2% of vegetables it's citizens consume. 

With a population of 6 million people and it's lack of arable land, vertical farming is the ideal solution. 

Singapore imports most of it's vegetables, but introducing vertical farms would not only cut the distance the food travels, it helps ensure fresh food and quality goods for Singaporean consumers. 

Singapore needs local produce

Panic buying and lockdowns have put a great urgency on Singapore's '30 by 30' goal to produce 30% of it's fresh produce and nutritional needs locally by 2030. 

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) spoke of the importance of local production, stating  'it would help mitigate our reliance on imports and serves as a buffer during supply disruptions to import sources, contributing to our food security.'



The '30 by 30' vision requires highly productive, climate resilient, and sustainable technologies, capable of withstanding and overcoming land, water, manpower and international constraints.


Vertical farming is the perfect solution for a place like Singapore, not just during times of crisis but for the growth of the nation as a whole.



As stated before, Singapore imports a vast majority of it's fresh produce. 

There are only a few wholesalers to deal with in Singapore, mainly supermarkets, most owned by the government. 

The Singaporean government offers very kind funding and assistance schemes to support their local farmers in their efforts to expand production capabilities, boost yield and raise productivity. 

Since 2017, the SFA, has been awarding agriculture land to agri-food companies and is working with urban farms to transform their Lim Chu Kang area. 

Considering the urgency pushed forward by the COVID-19 virus, the SFA has stated the need for the nation's capability to produce their own fresh produce. 

In unseen times such as this, the SFA have only increased their interest and need into concepts such as vertical farming. 

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