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Image by Guillaume de Germain
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Sustainability the smart way

Farewell fruited plains, hello high-rise hydroponics. 

At Farming in the Sky, we know that being sustainable is just as important as being commercially viable, our system exists to ensure food security and production can remain sustainable and accessible in the ever changing world climate. 

The Farming in the Sky process has a minimal carbon footprint as it does not rely on air-conditioning or electric pumps for water reticulation. There are various environmental benefits to our system such as an increased crop yield with a much smaller unit area of land as well as 95% less water use compared to that of traditional land farming. All our waste is compostable and organic and our enclosed module system ensures that there is no disruption to native flora and fauna. 

The Farming in the Sky system increases food security related to issues regarding climate change as our system is not reliant on the availability of fertile land or weather conditions. Our system ensures there is no risk of crop loss due to pests such as locusts or weather conditions such as frost, drought or tropical cyclones. 

One of the key benefits of the Farming in the Sky system is our water system, ensuring that our farms only utilise a fraction of the water used in traditional land agriculture. All excess water from our crops gets recycled in our built-in water treatment tanks ensuring no unnecessary water wastage. 

Vertical farming is now commercially sustainable with advances in technology and the K Modal system reduces the cost price of establishing and running our vertical farms,  ensuring the practice works at a competitive level with traditional land agriculture costs.

Our farms utilise 95% less water than traditional agriculture

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