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Water and Nutrient Delivery 

Our water and nutrient delivery system is one of the most unique and innovative aspects of the Farming in the Sky system. Our water system ensures that each crop has optimum water levels to ensure maximum crop yield. 

Our system utilises two types of tanks, one in which the water is collected (either via rainwater or from a nearby water system) and filtered to ensure contaminants such as residue soil are removed. 

Once the water is decontaminated, it is then pumped into a second tank in which the water is treated with nutrients to achieve the optimum nutritional composition to maximise crop yield. 

After the water is filtered and enriched with nutrients, it is then pumped to each row of connected modules. There is a drip line that runs along the top row, ensuring the nutrient-enriched water reaches the base of the plants, this makes sure there is no water wastage in our system. 

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