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Farming in the Sky prides itself in it's unique and innovative system, our system is designed in response to a major study into problems showcased in other farming systems

The commerciality of vertical farming has long held back the potential of this method of production. The Farming in the Sky method overcomes these barriers to create a profitable model which delivers fresher, cleaner and more nutritional products using a more environmentally friendly system. 

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Our Yields

The yield using the Farming in the Sky system per square metre of land is up to 200 times greater than traditional land farming. Our system is capable of producing over a tonne a day for some crop types. 

Water Efficiency

The Farming in the Sky system is incredibly water efficient using 95% less water than traditional farming methods. Our system delivers water directly to the base of each plant ensuring no water wastage. Our system exists in a highly controlled environment designed to maximise output with minimal water wastage. 

Image by Artem Militonían
Image by Arjun MJ

No Pesticides or Herbicides

No herbicides or pesticides are utilised in our system. This is due to our highly enclosed environment preventing pests or weeds from entering the premises. 

Year-round Crops

Our highly controlled environment means that the Farming in the Sky system can produce crops all year round, regardless of the external environmental or weather conditions. 

Image by nrd
Ventilator and special LED lights belts above lettuce in aquaponics system combining fish

LED lighting

Our LED lighting system is specifically designed to maximise the potential of the crop in terms of quality and quantity. 

Modular Structure

The Farming in the Sky system is modular and can be easily up-scaled, down-scaled, and replaced when necessary without impacting other crops. Our K Modal structures are light-weight compared to other modular designs, allowing an additional growing level to be stacked on top of each other. 

This allows our system to be installed efficiently in a short time frame allowing production to commence once the capsules are lifted into place and connected together. 

Our capsule composition of carbon fibre polymer composite suppresses noise emissions. 

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