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The Farming in the Sky system

Introduction to Farming in the Sky system

The Farming in the Sky method is a unique system adapted from smaller personal vertical farming systems to be utilised at a commercial scale adaptable to any country's unique weather conditions and food requirements.


Our system does not aim to replace traditional land farming, rather we wish to complement the local farm cycles and systems, aiding farmers in their ventures of feeding the world fresh and clean produce.  

The Farming in the Sky system utilises a combination of hydroponic and aeroponic farming systems, taking many of the benefits of these systems. The system itself is able to store up to 6,000 litres of water which is treated to remove contamination. The water goes through a filtration system then an enrichment tank to ensure it receives the needed nutrients, this is then sent through a unique water delivery system directly to each plant to ensure controlled and consistent growth. 

This system includes remote monitoring equipment for all plants to track the growth process of each crop. This information is then sent to our labs to ensure the plants are receiving the appropriate amount of water, air and nutrients to ensure optimal growing levels. 

The crops are grown in vertical racks up to 2.2 metres tall to maximise the yield from each square metre of available space. The crops are then harvested using our tailored harvesting tools and equipment and moved to our designated packing and distribution areas. 

In terms of the regulation of our internal environments, entry to the crop area of our structures is through an airlock entry to ensure conditions in the growing area remain tightly controlled and prevent pests from gaining entry to the growing or packing area. 

environment control.PNG

1 acre of concentrated vertical farming can equate to up to 200 acres of traditional farming 

The Farming in the Sky method uses a unique module system which interconnects to be able to scale up to down to suit conditions and different sized and shaped locations. 

Each modal comprises approximately of 12 lightweight; carbon fibre type containers referred to as a K Modal, approximately 12m x 2.4 m x 2.4 m, but can be customised unique structures. 

These are easily assembled during construction with the system ready to go once the capsules are craned into position and interconnected. 

module 1.PNG
module 2.PNG

Greater longevity, heightened taste and a superior product for our consumers

Inside each of these containers is a system with trays stacked vertically: 

stacked farms.PNG
pots and growing free form.PNG

Attached to the posts/walls in each container is the architectural mesh frame to which the trays, LEDS, and water system attach. ​

The system is designed with a 1.5m wide aisle (sufficiently wide for collection equipment to move) and trays on either side of the aisle to maximise yield per square metre


Irrespective of the external climate conditions, vertical farms can reliably provide more crop rotations per year than open field agriculture.

The Farming in the Sky system exists in an enclosed and highly controlled environment. The first step in ensuring pest control is having our growing and packing areas entirely enclosed to prevent pests from entering the premises. 

To prevent accidental access upon entrance into our modules, there is an airlock door for all of our modals. The vents are covered in mosquito nets and external fans which lead into the structure will be enclosed by appropriate netting. 



Additionally, the Farming in the Sky water system is almost entirely enclosed, only open at the water delivery points, ensuring there is no exposed still water for pest entry. 

Externally various natural pest treatments are used to ensure pests do not congregate around the perimeter of the structure, minimising the risk of accidental pest entry. 

Our system also accounts for smell pollution, the crops are stored in the same carbon fibre polymer composite as our modules with continuous air control ensuring the produce stays fresh and clean. 

pest control.JPG
insect safe.JPG
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