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Global news on vertical farming


Making vertical farming big in the U.K.

A Forbes article written by Lucy Sheriff covering the growing market of vertical farming and future food technology in the U.K.

The article covers a British-based husband and wife vertical farming company called Vertical Future, which aims to be "the largest urban vertical farming company in the U.K." 


INFARM's High-tech Vertical farms headed to Canadian grocery stores

An article written by Jennifer Marston of The Spoon, covering Berlin-based vertical farming company, InFarm's newest venture. The company issued a press release announcing in-store vertical farm systems to be released with partner supermarket chain, Empire. 


Microgrids, indoor agriculture go together like peas and carrots.

An article written for GreenBiz, by Sarah Golden is a fascinating read for those who wish to learn more about energy use in vertical farming. The article showcases how micro-grids and indoor farming work together to produce energy sustainable vertical farms. 


What you should know about vertical farming: future of agriculture

This article, written by Rick LeBlanc for thebalance, outlines the all-you-need-to-know on vertical farming and serves a great starter piece for those who wish to understand vertical farming and it's place in the future of agriculture. 

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